Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - SAR-CLIMATE

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is SAR-Climate?

South Asia Region Climate Knowledge Hub (SAR-Climate) is a knowledge management platform covering knowledge and information on climate change challenges, adaptation and mitigation measures in South Asia.  It provides easy access to past and up-to-date information on the South Asia region and its constituent countries.

Why SAR-Climate?

Stakeholders have an easy access to past and current South Asian regional and country-wise climate sectors knowledge and information in one place.

SAR-Climate Knowledge Hub provides:

  • Fast, free, and accurate news and data on climate change issues, as well as adaptation and resilience initiatives in South Asia
  • Diverse range of knowledge products
  • In-depth blogs, interviews and panel discussions from regional and global experts
  • Hosts not only regional and national but also sub-national information on climate change
  • Approaches the climate sectors in detail – providing interactive knowledge resources, videos, photos, knowledge products and opportunities for collaboration.

What are the SAR-Climate sectors?

SAR-Climate Knowledge Hub currently hosts five thematic areas – Climate-smart Agriculture, Gender Mainstreaming, Integrated Water Resources Management, Resilient Road Transport, and Policy, Planning and Finance.

Click on the SECTORS button above to learn more.

How can I access documents in the CLibrary?

Accessing the Climate Library or CLibrary is easy. The knowledge products are arranged by type of document, geographic coverage and sector.

You can click on the type of document – for example, if you are looking for best practices, click on best practices to access all the knowledge products across the South Asian countries.

You can click on geographical coverage to access global and national knowledge resources.

How can I submit a plan, policy, strategy, framework, etc. on climate change?

To contribute to SAR-Climate knowledge resources, go to “GET IN TOUCH”.

Please enter your Name and email address and go to “subject” and select CLibrary documents. 

Type the message and attach the link to the document and then click Submit.

How can I submit my blog?

To write your blog go to GET IN TOUCH.

Please enter your Name and email address and go to “subject” and select Blog ideas. 

Add the summary of the blog in not more than 200 words and then click Submit.

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