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Climate-Smart Agriculture

What is happening to Agriculture?

Agriculture, in its endeavor to nourish a growing and hungry global population, both contributes to and suffers from climate change impacts.

Updated 7 August 2023

With the potential loss of 10%-50% of South Asia’s crop production due to global warming by the century’s end, Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) is vital for enhancing resilience in farming and rural economies.

Secondly, with 5.6% of the global agricultural area, South Asia supports around 700 million people, mainly smallholders, reliant on farming.

Furthermore, climate-related hazards inflict substantial losses on arable land, livestock, and revenue, affecting crop availability and safety.

Climate Change Analysis on South Asia’s Agriculture

Climate change reduces staple crop yields by up to 10% (rice) and over 10% (millet, maize, etc.) in South Asia.

Climate change, population growth, food demand, and poverty endanger South Asia’s agriculture. To meet consumption, food production must rise by 60% by 2050.

Climate-smart Agriculture (CSA) guides actions for transforming agricultural systems to enhance development and food security amid climate change. CSA practices can help achieve a paradigm shift to use resources and protect and conserve natural systems efficiently.

Additionally, overlooking resilient farming practices amplifies climate’s effect on poverty and food insecurity, exacerbating present and future challenges.

Altogether, South Asian countries like Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal are committed to implementing CSA strategies through their NDCs. Although various plans aim to improve agriculture and reduce climate impacts, they insufficiently address the sector’s climate crisis.

Changing utility practices, water and energy management, and the use of improved seeds, in particular, can maximize farmers’ economic benefits and also help them adapt to the impacts of climate change on the agriculture sector.

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