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The Big Melt

The Big Melt by Ned Tillman

This review was conducted by Kottie Christie-Blick. Read the original review here. SummaryDiscussion QuestionsSuggest an EditSummary The Big Melt by Ned Tillman shows us a “typical American town” a few years into the future. The main characters, a teen boy and girl (who begin as friends and end up falling in love), show us how [...] Read More
My Octopus Teacher

My Octopus Teacher by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed (2021)

Click on the movie for more information SummaryMore InformationSuggest an EditSummary A year spent by filmmaker Craig Foster in a South African kelp forest forges an unlikely bond with a wild octopus. The ocean is both wild, moving, and accessible in this narrative, lovingly documentary when he began diving in False Bay. Following various attacks, [...] Read More
Thank You Earth

Thank You, Earth: A Love Letter to Our Planet by April Pulley Sayre

This review was retrieved from Books My Kids Read, available here. SummaryMore InformationSuggest an EditSummary April Pulley Sayre brings all of the reasons that our earth is special together in a beautiful book of photography entitled Thank You, Earth: A Love Letter to our Planet. Told through simple photography and a limited number of words, Sayre [...] Read More

Rango by Gore Verbinski (2011)

Click on the movie for more information SummaryMore InformationSuggest an EditSummary ‘Control the water…and you control everything!’ are the words that echo throughout this animated story about a dry desolate desert town known as ‘Dirt’. Rango, a pet chameleon, becomes Sheriff of Dirt and learns that its residents have to queue up every Wednesday to [...] Read More
The Hungry Tide

The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh (2004)

Click on the book for more information SummaryDetailsSuggest an EditSummary A classic South Asian saga set in Calcutta and the Sundarbans, an archipelago of islands in the Bay of Bengal. This renowned stretch of mangrove forest is currently being shaped by the tides, which can reach more than 100 miles inland. And, by the wilds [...] Read More

Carbon Diaries 2015 by Saci Lloyd (2008)

Click on the book for more information This fictional diary recounts the feelings and frustrations of a teenage girl growing up in the first country to impose a carbon tax system. Soon enough, imported food becomes too expensive, her parents lose their cars and jobs and her ability to live a normal life is forever [...] Read More
Disaster Management in Action

Disaster Management in South Asia

Click image to view PDF SummaryDetailsSuggest an EditSummary The Disaster Management in South Asia: A Comprehensive Regional Framework for Action 2006-2015 presents a strategic plan developed in 2006 and endorsed by the SAARC Environment Ministers. South Asia, with a population of 1.3 billion, faces significant exposure to natural and human-induced hazards, resulting in major disasters. [...] Read More
climate change gender lens

Climate Talks | Applying a gender lens to climate actions: why it matters

The panel discussion engaged with gender experts in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan who emphasized that when there’s better access to gender-related information in connection to climate change, governments can work towards building capacity and integrating a gender lens into policies, plans, and investments. Governments are urged to examine the impacts of climate change through a [...] Read More
India Electric Mobility Plan

India Electric Mobility Plan

Click image to view PDF SummaryDetailsSuggest an EditSummary The India National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 aims to achieve national fuel security by promoting hybrid and electric vehicles in the country. There is an ambitious target to achieve 6-7 million sales of hybrid and electric vehicles year on year from year 2020 onwards. The government [...] Read More
Sri Lanka Climate Policy

Sri Lanka Climate Change Policy

SummaryDetailsSuggest an EditSummary Sri Lanka's National Climate Change Policy 2012 acknowledges the global warming crisis as the paramount challenge of the 21st century. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) establishes the link between human activities, especially the uncontrolled combustion of fossil fuels, and climate change. As a tropical island nation, Sri Lanka faces increasing [...] Read More