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Water Harvesting Assessment: Strengthening Water Security in Nepal

OverviewOverview Ensuring water security in rural agrarian societies, is an appropriate strategy of climate adaptation and building resilience in the battle against climate change. Water harvesting and water storage, strengthens water security which can also help attain food security. Different mechanisms like irrigation in agriculture to increase production, and energy security through the adoption of [...] Read More

Deforestation Exacerbates Climate Change in Manipur in India

Image credit: Unsplash Climate Change in Manipur in India Manipur, nestled in the northeastern corner of India, shares borders with Myanmar and the Indian states of Nagaland, Mizoram, and Assam. A distinctive feature of Manipur is the coexistence of multicultural ethnic communities, each with its customary laws, cultures, religions, and identities, symbolizing “unity in diversity.” [...] Read More

Climate News 27 January – 27 February 2024

Why 2024 needs to deliver on climate Finance for South Asia  Source: Climate Analytics Date: 27 Feb 2024 Without climate finance the climate process will halt. For climate action to be on track, 2024 needs to be the year of climate finance. South Asia would need roughly around $200 billion per year out to 2030 [...] Read More

Climate-Resilient Rural Roads in Bangladesh- Features and Benefits

Photo Credit- ADPC Transport Team, Bangladesh, 2022 Climate change has widespread, disproportionate, and unpredictable impacts on Bangladesh's remote, vulnerable, and high-risk regions. The rural inhabitants are more at risk due to socio-economic challenges and extreme weather events. The rural communities are deeply intertwined with the natural environment and reliant on traditional livelihoods. The recurrent impacts [...] Read More
Climate News from 20 December

Climate News January 2024

2024 in review: North- South Integration, the global future Source:  Economic Times Date: 23 January 2024 There has never been a compelling reason for humanity to recognise a North-South world - until now. Climate change, the biggest and most rapid environmental transformation humanity has ever experienced, tilts our planet's strategic axis from west-east to south-north. [...] Read More

Coping Mechanisms in the Charland’s of Bangladesh

Photo: Charland in North-Western Bangladesh The charlands (raised shoals within the river), situated along the Brahmaputra River, face severe climate impacts, compelling the local communities to devise coping mechanisms to combat climate-induced disasters. The charlands encircled by the Dharla, Dudhkumar, and Shankosh rivers are exposed to hazards like riverine erosion, floods, and cyclones. The local [...] Read More
Climate News from 13 December

Climate News 13 December – 19 December 2023

Understanding and building Indigenous resilience to climate change in South Asia Source: World Bank Group Date: 15 Dec 2023 The World Bank is intensifying support for Green, Resilient, and Inclusive Development (GRID) amidst accelerating climate change. A focus is placed on Indigenous Peoples, who face heightened vulnerability and possess valuable sustainable practices. In South Asia, [...] Read More
11th APFSD Youth Climathon

11th APFSD Youth Climathon

SummaryDetailsSuggest an EditSummary The 11th Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD) Youth Climathon aims to bring innovative youth solutions on climate action forward to a diverse regional audience. With over half of the world’s youth and many of the world’s most vulnerable countries to climate change, encouraging participation from Asia and the Pacific for the [...] Read More
Climate News 6 December

Climate News 6 December – 12 December 2023

Who is pledging climate finance at COP28, and how much? Source: Reuters Date: 7 Dec 2023 During the recent U.N. climate summit, the United Arab Emirates announced an impressive mobilization of over $83 billion in the first five days. A substantial portion of this sum, $30 billion, was pledged to a new fund for global [...] Read More
How Kerala is Harnessing

How Kerala is Harnessing Data for Climate Resilience

Waterways in the State of Kerala, in Southwestern India. / Shutterstock The World Bank first published this blog on 5 December 2023. Read the original blog here.  The backwaters of Kerala weave through picturesque landscapes, but the monsoons bring both blessings and challenges. A remarkable transformation is underway to turn this coastal state of India [...] Read More